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Do you have any hair concerns like these?

Do you have any hair concerns like these?

  • Lately, my hair has been thinning.

  • I lack volume in my hair, and it's disappearing.

  • My hair has become stiff or is getting stiffer.

  • I have split ends.

  • My hair gets tangled, and it's difficult to brush.

  • My hair doesn't stay in place.

  • I'm bothered by frizziness and dryness.

  • My hair color fades quickly.

  • My styling doesn't last.

  • I use a flat iron or curling iron every day.

For those who have concerns, I recommend TOKIO Treatment. TOKIO Treatment has the effect of repairing and restoring damaged hair from within. It addresses various hair issues such as thinning, loss of volume, stiffness, split ends, tangles, lack of manageability, frizz, poor color retention, and styling durability.

TOKIO Treatment replenishes the proteins inside the hair and provides moisturizing effects, returning the hair to a healthy and beautiful state. It not only repairs damage but also gives hair shine and softness, resulting in easy-to-handle hair.

At REPUBLIC, you can receive appropriate care tailored to your hair condition from specialized TOKIO Treatment hairdressers.

Please give TOKIO Treatment a try. It will help improve your hair concerns and allow you to achieve beautiful hair.


最近、髪が痩せてきた ボリュームがない/なくなってきた 髪が硬い/硬くなってきた


絡まってクシが通らない まとまらない ゴワつき、パサつきが気になる


スタイリングが持続しない 毎日アイロン・コテを使っている





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